We were fighting racism and fascism on the streets of London. We were trying to resist and survive the violent ethno-nationalism in Yugoslavia. Where were you in 92'? What political actions or groups were you involved in, in 1992? What were your modes of activism? What technologies were you using to communicate? Moving between the personal and the collective, between then and now, these questions have directed our visual and textual exploration during our residency at the MayDay Rooms. We also encourage and invite others to help us explore these questions. We are looking for gestures of resistance and action, those that persist, and those that have fallen away. Familiar and little known materials and images will be recombined by using audio-visual interviews and computer-based analysis side by side. We will find elements of recognition, identification, resemblance and difference. The project uses pan.do/ra, a free, open source media archive platform, which has been developed by Jan Gerber and Sebastian Lütgert at 0x2620

Amanda Egbe is an artist, filmmaker and Lecturer in Media Production at the University of Bedfordshire. Rastko Novaković is an artist working with the moving image, active in trade union and housing struggles. Together, over the past 18 years, they have created short and feature films, participatory videos, web-based projects, expanded cinema and a site-specific panorama.

Information Sheet and Data Policy about this project.